Kaden Barriga grew up near a small rodeo town in Northern California, with his three sisters, two loving parents, and one dog. During his time as a child he was very adventurous, and was often found dressing up as a Jedi, exploring the forest around his home, or playing with his Legos in the grass and dirt. Sometime during his high school years, he started taking photos and videos with his first smart phone, and sometime later picked up a real camera for the first time. Since that fateful day, Kaden has continued to create in many ways, but is constantly taking more photos, and making more videos. Kaden now resides in a slightly larger town in Northern California, with his lovely girlfriend Kiana. Continuing to pursue his creative ideas and live life to the fullest, Kaden decided to make this portfolio website to showcase some of his work. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stay!
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